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e-Dinar Registration


Now the community with more than 600,000 users has invested $ 10 million to develop this innovative product. The e-Dinar team conducted a deep and comprehensive market analysis and considered the drawbacks of existing projects. E-Dinar Coin protection was built on an advanced proof-of-stake (a system in which users share a certain percentage of the amount of coins they hold in their wallet ). Proof-of-stake is known as a crypto-currency protection method based on the need to hold a certain amount of funds in the account. When using this method, the cryptocurrency algorithm is more likely to select an account with a higher fund size while confirming another block in the chain.

How does the E-Dinar Coin algorithm work?

The process needs to be confirmed tenfold during the performance. Each computer that confirms the transaction receives a calculated charge, as follows: the user counts the age of the money in the account. It is multiplied by the interest rate a few days before the due date according to the amount of money held in the account (up to 0.65% per day).

What is cryptocurrency ?

One of the greatest innovations in the financial world in recent years, cryptocurrency is a virtual currency protected by cryptography. Fast, reliable payment and money transfer system based on state of the art, banking and payment transactions can be done easily with crypto.

Advantages of using Cryptocurrency

Today more than 100 restaurants in the US work with cryptography and accept it as a payment instrument. Today more than 7600 locations (restaurants, cafes, bars, stores, supermarkets) offer customers the freedom to purchase goods and services freely using digital cryptcurrency It is planned to develop a system that allows E-Dinar users to buy discounted goods and services in a common network between stores and restaurants (consumer network). Cryptocurrency allows you to protect and improve your business without having to use bank accounts and cards. By accepting the cryptocurrency you can ask for the money you have handed in cash instantly. An additional advertising tool that attracts new customers for your cryptocurrency restaurant, as well as the mass media. From Internet enthusiasts to the Silicon Valley businessmen and new company owners, many people in the position of leading opinion are attracting attention. The ability to pay using cryptocurrency changes the attitude of the consumer towards the institution. It enhances loyalty and emphasizes the institution's uniqueness. Using iOs (Apple iPhone) or Android smartphone, you can pay using a tablet or laptop. The payment procedure is simple and secure at best.

E-Dinar transferable Proof-of-stake system benefits:

Energy savings and a large database do not require any costs for storage and mining farms. There is a strong resistance against the attackers. The income from mining is proportional to the amount of balance in the wall. A 0.65% daily bonus is accrued in the face of the wall. E-DİNAR Coin is defined as a new crypto currency that purifies air and water in big cities. The open account uses a non-decentralized payment system working on blockchain technology and proof-of-stake technology. Basic information about E-Dinar Coin Brand: E-Dinar Coin (or EDC) Mine pre-preparation: August 15, 2016 Transfer fee between e-Dinar Wallet wallets: 0,1 EDC Block Time: ~ 5 sec Number of coins (max): 999,000,000,000,000 (999 trillion) Mining preliminary total number of coins: 2.500.000.000 (2.5 billion) Account-based type of addressing: X11 - More robust against system breakage compared to SHA256 used by Bitcoin. The simplicity of promotions on crypto currency exchange markets and virtually all foreign currency markets support API Bitcoin. Keywords: bitcoin price, btc to usd, bitcoin mining, bitcoin wallet, bitcoin value, bitcoin kurs, what is bitcoin, bitcoin news, bitcoin calculator, bitcoin chart, bitcoinwisdom, bitcoin exchange rate, bitcoin exchange, bitcoin billionaire, btc to gbp, bitcoin rate, price of bitcoin, bitcoin faucet, dinar recaps, kuwaiti dinar, dinar detective, e dinar, e dinar coin, e dinar smart, e dinar wallet, e dinar io, dollar en dinar, m dinar, e dinar indonesia, e dinar smart solde, www e dinar poste tn solde, e dinar poste, e dinar login, www e dinar poste tn renouvellement, e dinar asia, e-Dinar Price What are the advantages of E-Dinar Coin? E-Dinar Coin is an eco-friendly model. It has a modern and secure algorithm and uses proof-of-stake technology without mining energy consumption. Sphericity. E-Dinar Coin plans to provide enough coins for all the inhabitants of the world to live independently from the rest of the world. The system is completely centerless. There is no single organizer of central control and trade. Each participant in the system has the right to access all of the transaction statistics, depending on the mutual agreement. All attendees can interact with the system without any restrictions on central control. There is an opportunity to have a new global international cryptocurrency without any alternatives.

E-Dinar Coin targets:

The development of Blockchain technology A new approach to the philosophy of fiscal relations based on Blockchain technology principles

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